Sleeve gastrectomy

تكميم المعدة
Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most famous obesity surgeries, and the most popular people are obese patients, it is known as the longitudinal cutting of the stomach, where about 70% of the stomach is cut, so the size of the stomach is greatly reduced, and at that time the patient feels hair when eating it A small amount of food.
Currently, the gastric sleeve operation is performed without surgery laparoscopically, by making four small incisions, the length of which is no more than two centimeters.

What is the process of sleeve gastrectomy?

تكميم المعدة

It is a process by which the stomach is completely removed, or part of it removed, and it is a gastric sleeve operation that has many types and methods, but it has some health damages.

There are also three types of sleeve gastrectomy, which are: Total sleeve gastrectomy, which is where the stomach is removed completely.

The second type is partial sleeve gastrectomy, which is the removal of part of the stomach, and usually the lower part of the stomach is specifically removed.

In addition, there are no specific conditions for gastric bypass surgery until obesity is eliminated.

The gastric sleeve operation is suitable for all ages from 16 years to 65 years.
It is also possible to perform the operation for those who are less than 16 years old in the event that obesity affects them in terms of the presence of difficulty in movement or the presence of some complications.
And all medical tests and rumors must be done, so that the doctor looks at them before starting the operation.
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What are the cases in which gastric sleeve ablation is performed?

تكميم المعدة

Sleeve gastrectomy is often performed for many purposes, one of the most important of these purposes is to treat some stomach problems that cannot be treated in any other way, such as: The presence of stomach bleeding or the presence of tumors in the stomach, whether benign or malignant, or the presence of certain infections in the stomach.

These problems also include some holes in the stomach wall, or strange lumps and growths inside the stomach, or stomach cancer and acute stomach ulcers. It is also possible that a gastric sleeve operation can be performed as a treatment for obesity if other methods, such as exercise, medication and diet, fail.

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How to complete the sleeve gastrectomy

There are two different methods of performing the sleeve gastrectomy, but both methods are performed while the patient is placed under general anesthesia.

The two methods are regular surgery, as it is a specialist surgeon who makes a large incision or wound in the abdomen, which is done by displacing the existing skin and tissues, until the stomach is reached.

Then, after the operation, the doctor closes the wound and puts the patient after that under observation and medical care in the hospital for a period of one to two weeks. During the patient’s stay in the hospital, the doctor makes a special tube connection between the patient’s nose and his stomach, and this step is done until the stomach is helped to get rid of any fluids, and the patient’s feeling of vomiting is reduced.

Also, the patient gets his food during this period through a vein, until the doctors allow him to eat.
As for the second method, which is the laparoscopic method of surgery, this type of surgery does not require making a large incision in the body, until the inner (stomach) area is reached.
It is best to do this type of work to ensure that the chances of getting complications are reduced


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