Hollywood smile

Many people dream of having a Hollywood smile, as it gives them attractiveness and beauty

For a long time, doctors have been seeking a solution that works to make teeth whiter, 
from toothpaste to the emergence of modern technologies such as the Hollywood smile.

What is a Hollywood smile

It is a group of medical procedures that work to make the teeth white and in the best condition. The doctor first solves any dental problems, tooth decay, deviation, or erosion, and also treats missing teeth and also treats gum infections, so that the doctor has examined all the problems in the teeth. The basis of these steps is that the doctor will remove any tartar accumulated on the teeth and clean them well. After this step, the dentist installs the dental lenses, which are known as veneers, which give the teeth whiteness and shine. Thus, you will have obtained distinctive, flawless and whitish teeth. Which makes you feel confident in your smile.

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Steps to make the Hollywood Smile

First, the doctor determines the type of teeth and examines the patient’s teeth, then determines the type of fitting. The patient also has the right to choose the type he wants because the thickness of the smile must match the thickness of his tooth, so the doctor makes a carving step at the end. After this step, the doctor puts a soft material before starting to put the material on the teeth, a shape that makes it take the required thickness for the tooth, which is the step by which the aesthetic shape of the tooth is determined. After that, the doctor makes all the white layers and then puts it on the tooth shape in an appropriate way and finally gives a white look and a wonderful smile. The doctor also sets instructions for the patient during the first period of making a Hollywood smile in order to know how to maintain it and also gives instructions for how to clean it.

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Types of Hollywood smile

There are many types of Hollywood smile according to the price, so the higher the price, the more effortless the smile is before installation or curvature and the price varies according to the material that was used to make the tooth, and from these types:


Zirconium is one of the most popular and sought-after types of Hollywood smile, and this type is the least expensive among the types and also its thickness is large, but its price is the reason behind the increasing demand for it.


Veneers are the most popular type of Hollywood smile, but it requires the doctor to scratch the teeth, which makes many patients not accept it and can cause dental problems because it is larger than the thickness of the tooth and it is considered low in the cost price


It is considered the best type of Hollywood Smile, and many people accept this type, but its price is high, as it requires many costs, but it is the ideal solution for teeth whiteness. .


It is a type of Hollywood smile as well and of a distinctive type that does not require smoothing or doing anything before it. Only the doctor installs it without exerting any effort,

and the luminaire is made of completely harmless clubs as it contains materials that benefit the natural teeth and increase their age and give them a bright whiteness and give Your smile is an unparalleled distinction. So if you suffer from an unattractive smile or you have damaged your teeth due to drinking cigarettes or caffeine, which makes you feel anxious about it.


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